This is a list of general resources for you to utilize during the course to supplement our study. 

The Nashville Statement

The Nashville Statement is a summary of biblical teaching on human sexuality that directly addresses issues of sex, gender, homosexuality, and transgenderism. Playlist

This is a compilation of videos that are relevant to the content of our class and will be updated periodically. 

The Briefing – Podcast by Albert Mohler

The Briefing is a daily podcast by Albert Mohler where he comments on daily news stories and current events and attempts to understand them in light of a Christian worldview. Mohler comments on a wide variety of subjects such as politics, marriage, economics, sexuality, and the church. Not everything in his show is relevant to the topic of our class but the value of his show for our class is how it can provide you with a real time interaction with issues of identity and sexuality, examining them from a Christian worldview and offering thoughtful Christian responses.