Event Date: Jan 3 - Jan 5

Are you age 18-25?  We’d love to have you join our group that will be traveling to this Louisville, Kentucky conference in January!




Purpose:  We call this generation to make their lives count by making Jesus’ name known.


Message:  We emphasize the gospel, the local church, and God’s heart for the nations.


Conference Theme:  UNDEFEATED

“God’s people have always been opposed – opposed by earthly enemies, by spiritual foes, by worldly governments, and even at times by supposed friends.  And yet, God’s people press on in home.  We can be assured that God will prove victorious in the end, having already triumphed over his foes on the cross.  Join us as we exult in the God who brings life out of death and joy out of sorrow.  Together we are called to worship and to bear witness, that our coming and conquering King might be known and adored by the nations.”


Additional information about MMBC’s trip and registration to attend Cross Con with us can be found HERE.