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We would like to share an update with you:

  • Search Committee received 83 resumes in response to the posting of the senior pastor position.
  • God is awesome and shown His Hand already as 4 applicants notified us God led to other churches and remove them from consideration. It would take too long to share how God has brought clarity among the committee in evaluating the original 83 resumes.
  • During the past month, through prayer, discussion, and God’s guidance, this number reduced to 24 applicants.
  • Your Search Committee is reviewing these 24 in more detail, requesting additional information, praying over each, reviewing sermon examples, and with God’s guidance identifying 3 or 4 for the final phase of the process.

We need your continued support and prayer over the next number of weeks as we seek God’s direction and will in the final phase of this search.

Season of Prayer for Unity:

  • Unity of Search Committee on God’s will for remaining applicants.
  • Unity for applicants on God’s will in their ministry location.
  • Unity of MMBC for God’s future direction.

Those who wish and are able let us gather at the altar and pray for God’s leadership, not our desires, to be unified under God’s head and authority.

The Senior Pastor Search Committee

09-16-2018 11:38AM


“We asks for you to join us in a focused Season of Prayer.


For the month of August we ask you to daily and specifically pray for the revealing of God in Clarify in the following areas:


  • Clarity of God’s direction as the Search Committee begins reviewing resumes;
  • Clarity for our congregation on the future direction for MMBC; and
  • Clarify for the man God has already selected as the next Senior Pastor for MMBC.


Please make these a priority this month, if only for a few minutes each day.


Thank you and God Bless you for your commitment.”


The Senior Pastor Search Committee

08-12-2018 11:50AM


The Senor Pastor position has officially been posted. The resume examination process will begin 5 weeks from now.

06-24-2018 11:51AM


Procedures and Guidelines

MMBC Senior Pastor Search Committee Procedures and Guidelines